Ana Schaub
Née à 1983 en Zagreb, Croatie / Vit et travaille à Zagreb, Croatie.

Oxygène 0

Can't get some air without a flight  |  vidéo / 2007  © Ana Schaub

Can't get some air without a fight

Trough irony and comic iconology I am making a political statement. It is a theoretical question and an idea with no distinct political side or precise finger pointing, created in a form of a cartoon. The main characters are rockets and airplanes in an air battle, and some of them are in the shape of a falus (for it is the representation of the manliness and the homosexual note of the male predominated political system).

It sounds like every boy’s fantasy, big airplanes and rockets making a blast off air battle. And money is falling down from the sky as a result of every explosion. But apart from making the comic fantasy, the work pictorially recreates the manly political game of guns and destruction and its apocalyptic conclusion. Dealing with the main question of the exhibition – what if there was no oxygen, I will add another one – what if economy stopped financing war industry and the creation mass destruction just to recreate – more money? Do small boys, who are brought up playing with guns and rockets, see themselves as heroes or as the soldiers being sent by the politicians to meaningless wars? And why at all is there an ideal of the big man with a gun that fascinates every little boy?

Oxygen is created during explosions, and during rocket blast off’s, but the results of both occurrences aren’t humanly and environmentally positive. The theoretical idea of my work is that what if money that moves the wave of destruction against the ‘bad guys’, makes a slight calculation mistake and destructs not only the enemies? What would happen if the weapons game went slightly bad?

Ana Schaub