Oxygène 0#2

Your freedom is our property

        The attack by foreign concepts that create an explosion of resistances within the self-concept only gives an impression of deforming the very person, but in fact it creates possibilities for birth of new ideas. After all, destruction is the seed of creation.
        Even the most serious problems can have a comical disclosure, as irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. It is within today’s plasticity that we find fibers of the tragedy of truths.
        Wanting to know the meanings, we strip them of their intimacy, we hipper-realize them, and by doing so, we give them a value of plainness. At the same time, by mystifying the appearance, we lose it into the mist of the hipper-essential. The answer to why we create ourselves is in the question how are we created.

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Admit it - I Knew it |  projection vidéo-diptic / 2008   © Krste Gospodinovski

Murs Egées | installation / 2008   © Krste Gospodinovski, Goce Gospodinovski, Goran Petrovski

Lost in oblivion | installation / 2005   © Krste Gospodinovski

"A monument to our meaningless lives, stripped of our culture, stripped of our differences".
4 figures carved out of potatoes, and filmed for 4 days as they rot, in the end sealed in epoxy.

Oxygène 0

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Lost in oblivion | vidéo '2.47 / 2005   © Krste Gospodinovski

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